“Books harbor great stories.

Stories spark the imagination.

Imagination ignites creativity.

Creativity cultivates curiosity.

Curiosity nurtures problem-solving.

Problem-solving develops understanding.”

It all starts with a good book!


Some stories are fables that may live in our hearts forever, some stories were passed on to us that still invoke the feelings of nostalgia, while there are others that were lived by someone and now lived by many more in their minds. Only stories have the power to engage both feelings and logic at the same time. Imagine unleashing this immense power in the form of literature, storytelling, drama and illustrations to our children. By doing this we open a whole new world of possibilities for them. We inspire them to read, find the right literature to read and develop a lifelong love of literature.

Through Gurgaon Children’s Literature Festival, we celebrate this love for stories, literature, and books every year on a huge scale, wherein we invite renowned authors, storytellers, and illustrators who weave magic with words in engaging sessions for children and their parents.

This year’s festival will include musical storytelling, theatrical enactment of stories, engaging book reading sessions by children’s book authors, book signing, stories through puppets, panel discussions, book stalls, interactive workshops for parents and much more.

For Gurgaon Children’s Literature Festival 2018 we have summoned some of India’s most talented authors and storytellers to help us in our mission to raise awareness around the importance of good literature for children and stoke a love for reading that will stay with them forever. Gurgaon Children’s Literature Festival 2018 will prove to be an indelible experience for all parents and their children alike.

Meet GCLF Team

Jake Streng

Jake is the official timekeeper of the GCLF functions. Being the youngest, he keeps the team’s energy up and makes everyone stick to the schedule. He says that though he is not been interested in reading books so far, the preparations for the litfest are inspiring him to pick up books more often now. In his first stint with GCLF, he seems very excited to meet the speakers and the audience of Gurgaon. At GCLF, you will find him helping everyone find their way to various sessions.

Deepti Ahuja Balani

Deepti is the creative spirit of the GCLF team who turns ideas into words and make them perform jazz and salsa. Deepti aspires to be a children’s book author someday very soon. She fell in love with books very young and was often caught reading her favorite classics in the most unexpected of places. She dedicates her creative energies to GCLF because she believes in the immense potential of this event to build a culture of reading among children. At GCLF, you will see her sneaking away from the assigned duties to attend one of the storytelling sessions.

Karuna Anand

Karuna is an important building block of the GCLF team who executes all the administration tasks smoothly. Thanks to her immaculate and efficient resource management skills that everything falls into place at the last moment despite the chaos that the team is so prone to running into. She works effortlessly for GCLF only to make the magic of stories dawn upon the children of Gurgaon.  At GCLF, you will find her managing the mountain-loads of registrations and tickets.

Ruchi Mehta

Ruchi is the bedrock of the GCLF team that holds everyone together. She arms the team with spreadsheets before charging into the war zone. Very often you will find her shouting orders on phone trying to multitask and hold the fort when everyone else would seem to lose it. With prior experience in early years teaching, she firmly believes that starting to read at a young age can make a big difference. As an effective communicator and micromanager, at GCLF you will catch her running around to make the event seamless.

Shefali Malhotra

She is the one who makes the world go round for the GCLF team. Whether she found us or we found her is still a mystery but universe destined us to meet and make GCLF happen. Apart from being a resourceful person she is a talented storyteller too. She knows the value storytelling can add towards developing a child’s interest in reading. Her never say die attitude always holds promise for us, as she reaches out to the best people around and makes sure that GCLF has some wonderful sessions on its schedule every year. At GCLF, you will find her making sure the delegates reach the sessions on time.

Avishek Roy

He is the lighthouse of the GCLF team who would always show the direction to the team exactly where to head.

With a self-motivated spirit, and an enthusiastic attitude he makes sure things are in done on time.


Owing to his great managerial skills that a festival of this big a magnitude comes beautifully to life. At GCLF, you will find him running around frantically to make sure the festival is a success.