Benita Sen

Benita Sen

Benita Sen

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The Artist

Journalist, editor, corporate communicator and children’s author, Benita juggles with many roles in her life. Three of her stories have won prizes at the National Competition for Writers of Children’s Books held by the Children’s Book Trust. With over dozens of children’s book published , she continues to weave stories that delight and educate children!

The Session/Workshop(s)

Session with Kids

What happens when you punch an adventure story together with the environment and history? You get the super smart series of books, Smart Green Civilizations.

By the end of the session, the fun quiz and anecdotes will turn you into even more committed Green Crusaders.

How to Raise a Reader

As a children’s author and resource person, I am often asked by parents how they can make their children read. The issues are several, as are the approaches. For the first time in a Lit Fest, parents are cordially invited to a session that is exclusively for them.

We will discuss, share and ideate on common and not-so-common ways to help your child develop a passion for reading.