Deepa Kiran

Deepa Kiran

Deepa Kiran

International Storyteller | Author |

The Artist

A renowned storyteller, educator and voice-over artist, Deepa loves sharing stories, love and laughter. She has taught in central government schools across India and worked with over 1 lakh students & 15,000 teachers in India and across the world. She is actively engaged in bringing storytelling and the arts into learning. Deepa is also a TED speaker and founder of the Story Arts Foundation.

The Session/Workshop(s)

Musical Storytelling

Travel on the wings of words with author and storyteller Deepa Kiran. Come join the masti (fun) in a musical folktale that draws you into joining in the fun. Children and children-at-heart get set for a ticketless travel to lands near and far, to past or the future…you never know. Multi-lingual tales with songs and rhymes in different Indian languages. Sing along , clap along in this musical interactive storytelling .

Storytelling Masterclass

A workshop for parents on how to become effective storytellers. Deepa will share her tips and set you off on this wonderful journey!