Manmeet Narang

Manmeet Narang

Manmeet Narang

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The Artist

A writer by passion and a facilitator by choice, Manmeet works both in the field of creative writing and life skills. She is the founder of Sailing Leaf which is a platform that offers self expression and creative writing workshops to children. Manmeet has authored several children’s books and written articles for many magazines and newspapers.  

The Session/ Workshop(s)

Pop! Pop! Pop!’- A Creative Thinking and Writing Workshop

Just imagine we are all little corn seeds inside a pressure cooker! We will all huddle together, jump and play, talk and make noise. As we warm up, guess what will happen? Ideas will begin to ‘POP’ up in our minds. We will waste no time. Quickly we will write them down and share them with each other.

Now, tell  me, who wants to create popcorn with me?