Nikita Arora

Nikita Arora

Nikita Arora

Theatre Professional | Actor | Storyteller |

The Artist

Nitika Arora is a theatre professional and an actor with over 10 years experience. After completing her formal training in theatre making and acting from The Drama School, Mumbai, she went on to follow her other passions too; obtaining her post-graduate degree in social work and training in contemporary jazz. Nitika then went on to co-found Darwesh, a storytelling organization, dedicated to digging up stories that are hidden in the past, locked in the present and buried within ourselves.

The Session/Workshop(s)

‘Tughlaq’ (Mad Genius) : A Theatre Walk on Stage

A theatre walk that explores 14th century Delhi through the eyes of one of its most intriguing emperors, Muhammad-Bin-Tughlaq . The walk through the fourth walled city of Delhi, Jahanpanah, which was constructed by the emperor, will be brought to life on stage. It will involve exploring the fascinating remains of this city and sharing stories from Emperor  Tughlaq’s fascinating life. The story-telling will be interspersed with captivating theatrical performances by a trained theatre actor, giving a glimpse into the dual life of one the most visionary Emperors of India.

The Walk will be conducted in English and theatre performance will be conducted in Hindustani (Hindi). However the narrator will translate the dialogues to English.