Seema Wahi Mukherjee

Seema Wahi Mukherjee

Seema Wahi Mukherjee

Storyteller |

The Artist

Stories are the tools used by Seema to develop creative and critical thinking skills and to instill positive attitudes and values in children. As an educator, storyteller and curriculum developer she has helped many schools across the country integrate stories into their curricula so as to make learning engaging, interesting and relatable for children.

The Session/Workshop(s)

‘A box full of magic’: A Storytelling Session

A fun-filled, action-packed story that is made even more engaging when it is narrated with puppets, props and lots of drama. A session that is sure to keep you spellbound as you discover what Parth finds in his Nani’s box full of magic.

Attend this session full of surprising moments!

Seema’s Work