Sharad Kohli

Sharad Kohli

Sharad Kohli

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The Artist

Sharad passionately believes that immersion in the arts and cultural heritage affords every child a better understanding and greater appreciation of the delights of India’s – and the world’s – myriad creative endeavours. He is drawn to nature, follows sport with an often childlike wonder, and is an enthusiastic (and eclectic) collector of songs and books. A journalist by profession, ‘Tansen- Master of Melody’ is Sharad’s first book for children.

The Session/Workshop(s)

‘A Celebration of the Legend of Tansen’- Author interaction (with music)

The Jungle Boy who became the Voice of Hindustan. Here is the story of a very gifted child with a talent for mimicking birds and animals, a child who became the most famous, and the most beloved, of musicians. The boy Ramtanu would grow into the man Tansen, a master of melody who could leave audiences bedazzled with his voice and his skills as an instrumentalist, but especially with his voice!

Did you know that Tansen could create thunder, lightning and rain, just through the power and magic of his voice? Accompanied by live musicians, Sharad will help you experience Tansen through his narration to the backdrop of ragas.