Vikram Sridhar

Vikram Sridhar

Vikram Sridhar

Performance Storyteller | Theatre Practitioner |

The Artist

Vikram Sridhar believes strongly that storytelling as an effective medium for conservation both of nature and human relationships. He combines his work and interest in theatre and conservation through storytelling. Vikram is the co-founder of Tahatto, a Bangalore-based theatre entity. ‘Around the Story Tree’ is his initiative to connect the modern-day listener to the environment through the power of stories and the arts. He is also constantly exploring India’s rich heritage of oral literature & folktales and trying to preserve this art by  sharing these wonderful stories with all.


‘Finger Stories’

Vikram will share with you a beautiful story using his just fingers and a very few words. Sing, dance and laugh, as he shares this special tale with you.

Story Theatre Workshops

Shake your hips, move your hands and get yourself in the zone as Vikram involves you in acting, enacting and reacting through stories. He will  bring characters to life. . A workshop which mixes theatre and storytelling and children have a wonderful time.

‘Maharanis of India’ : Storytelling

Many a Raja (king) do we know, but very few Ranis (Queens) who led our country from the front. Watch and get thinking while Vikram shares these lesser known true stories from our history with you, which have not found their space in books but in oral narrtives. Get into new facts and worlds as wer travel into lesser-known worlds